Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Which Seafood is Safe to Eat?

I've enlisted my daughter's help with graphics for an interview presentation, so I'm on the run. My script's gotta be done before she wakes up (noonish).

But first, I want to share a wonderful link for seafood and sushi lovers like me. The Environmental Defense Fund created charts showing which seafoods are your better choices, based both on health (e.g. whether a fish is heavily mercury-laden) and on the welfare of the species. Here's a preview. Click on any of the fish listed below and you'll be whisked directly to a page explaining why that fish got the particular rating it did. The EDF website has a full chart and even a print-down version of a sushi chart that you can take along on your next sashimi run,



  1. SeafoodWatch, a project of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, has had a similar list going for years. They also have lists by region so you can see which seafood is best where you live.

  2. Thanks, very much, Karen! I'm headed over now to take a look.