Thursday, May 28, 2009

50 Ways To Lose Your Rubbish

Still working on my interview presentations - with a lot less stress, since Jody and I are doing our synergistic creative thing. But it's not your loss, because I couldn't have written a simpler, more "to the point" article on basic recycling than the one I found on The link below takes you to a list of 50 things easily recycled, and gives you some advice about how to make it happen.

Now, I warn you, it seems pretty clear that the site owners came up with a good piece of content and surrounded it by click-through advertising, with the idea of raking in a little dough for themselves. But good content is good content. And to their credit, the site isn't the visual chaos one finds on some ad sites, tastelessly plastered with jarring multi-colored advertising. The owners have kept it simple and tolerable.

Don't stop at the list of 50. In the left hand margin are additional content links, to a Recycling Center Locator, a blog, information about recycling your Electronics, Water Conservation Tips, Home Energy tips, Earth Day and Environmental Data. Scroll past the ads in the left-hand margin, you'll find a link to Footprint Calculators, Recycling Techniques, Car Donation Charities and Recycling News. It's worth the trip!

Top 50 Things To Recycle and Reuse

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