Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did You Flush Right?

The next time you find one of those great 20% Off coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond in your mail box, let me suggest a way to use it:  one of my students brought this wonderful gizmo - the Flush Right - to the attention of our Managing for Sustainability class, and I want to share it!

"The Flush Right™ quickly and easily turns most standard toilets into water-saving, two button toilets. This unique item slips over your standard flush valve and replaces the flapper, which is the biggest source of leaks and common toilet issues. It then gives you two buttons to choose from; the Quick Flush upper button for liquids and paper, saving up to 70% per flush, and the lower button when you need to flush more. It fits all standard tank designs and has a 10 minute drop-in installation with no special skills or tools needed. Five-year warranty."

Click this link to get to Bed, Bath & Beyond.