Friday, May 1, 2009

I upped my mileage 75+ miles per tank!

I tuned my little 2004 Acura TSX before I turned road warrior, driving from Kansas City to Phoenix by way of Houston. Although I was pretty good with scheduled maintenance, I'd let the last one go. Too much going on.

Well, blow me away! For over a month now I've been astounded by the increased gasoline mileage since the tune-up. At first I didn't believe it. Thought it was just good highway driving, and maybe perfect weather requiring neither heater nor air. But I've been tooling around Phoenix for over a month now, air cranked up (radio too!) and the mileage just ROCKS!

FYI, I was doing about 18 and 25 pre tune-up. I'm doing about 24 and 32 now.

Here's a MonkeySee video with maintenance tips to increase good gas mileage:

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