Sunday, May 24, 2009

Putting Rumors to Rest

I find I'm doing a lot of "de-bunking" these days. Misleading advertising on the one hand, but also vicious rumors about what the EPA or other agencies and organizations are up to. For example...

I recently received a notice about the EPA doing research that exposed kids to pesticides. In fact, the EPA planned to study kids who are exposed, but obviously (even I am not that cynical) the EPA would never intentionally expose kids to pesticides in this day and age. Yes, yes, I remember Agent Orange, but we're not talking about the CIA, the military or the Justice Department here. It's just beyond me to imagine that the EPA could go there.

I don't want to spend too much of my time on this, but I do want to give you a link to Snopes,, or find just environmental stories here, Snopes is a phenomenally useful website that researches the stories that travel around the web by email, blog or news outlet, confirming or debunking, setting the record straight. Snopes looks at all sorts of myths, not just environmental ones. The next time your Aunt Carol from Israel sends you a questionable story, you can look it up and let her know if it's true or not! (Love you, Doda Chana!)

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