Saturday, January 4, 2014

Being Good in the Kitchen

A couple of new eco-conscious products I'm trying this month:

Clean Ones Pure Comfort reusable vinyl gloves are latex-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free.  I'm not personally allergic to latex, a natural material from a rubber plant.  But those who are can go into anaphlactic shock, so it seems like too big a risk to have them around.

Another product I'm trying this month is Seventh Generation's dish soap.  I've avoided it until now because it's pricey, but I found a great deal on - six 25 oz bottles for $15.48.  That's just over $2 a bottle.  I'm probably going to give away five of the bottles and ask that people try the product and then buy a refill product to use in the bottle, because I object to the disposability.  I think they should either concentrate this product or offer it in larger quantities so that we can refill one bottle.  Shipping small bottles is transportation-excess and creates too much CO2.  I did find a 36 oz refill, and although the packaging is lighter weight than the bottles, it's not different enough size-wise to make the transportation-reduction impact a larger-sized refill - or even better, a concentrate product - could make.  If someone knows whether Seventh Generation has a concentrate in this product, please let me know.  I didn't see one on their website.