Sunday, May 31, 2009

Off to the Movies

I'm drafting this on Saturday, because tomorrow and Monday I will be in Raleigh-Durham interviewing at Duke! Woo hoo! And not just any management program, but an Environmental Management program. It is my dream job, but I imagine there are four or five other candidates who think the same way. Duke! Wish me luck, put me in your prayers, vibe me some good vibes, whatever it is you do for good energy.

Meanwhile, I am treating you Sunday and Monday at the Movies. Did your folks ever let you go to the movies two days running?? I've loaded you up with some of neat video clips - sometimes funny, maybe even a work of art. Most with an enviro message (would you expect less?), but maybe a surprise. So go get yourself some popcorn, and get comfortable. See you when I get back from Duke!

this is for kids, but will appeal to adults too
if you like is just one of a series, available on YouTube.

one minute on packaging

Emissions Admissions

maybe a spoof, maybe some truth.

quick, cute and metaphoric.

home made - littering

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