Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teach Your Children Well

Our kids take their cues from us. I was reminded of this recently, while poking around a TwitterBlog I occasionally follow, The Good Human. Below is a list excerpted from the article suggesting a few key points we should all be putting across to our kids. The rest of the discussion is at the link below the list.

1. The planet is for everyone and no one should take more than their fair share.

2. Future generations will need to live here, so we should clean up after ourselves.

3. Everything we put down the drain, in the toilet, or in the landfill ends up in our drinking water eventually. Explain the process of wastewater and aquifers and why we don’t put toxic ingredients or pharmaceuticals down the drain.

4. Healthy, natural, organic foods are better for them, the farmers, and for the planet than those grown using toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

5. The choices we make and our day to day behavior can negatively affect people around the world, so choose wisely.

6. Electricity doesn’t just show up in the house in an endless supply - explain where it comes from and why we need to reduce how much we use.

7. There are millions of people who go hungry every day and who live in terribly unsanitary conditions, and who need our voice to speak up for them whenever we can.

Set An Example Of Planetary Stewardship For Your Kids. | The Good Human

Photo from Safe Kids Kansas Website, www.kdheks.gov

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