Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Webcast Debate Cap-and-Trade

Don't know what to think of cap-and-trade versus carbon tax? Confused because Exxon and Al Gore are on the same side of this debate (both prefer a carbon tax)? I'm not going into this topic today, but I will pass along an opportunity to hear it debated by experts on a FREE WEBCAST put on by Earthscan, a publisher focused on environmental issues. Here's their blurb:

"Join the authors of Carbon Markets and Voluntary Carbon Markets for a debate on the effectiveness of market based mechanisms in helping to mitigate climate change.

Nicholas Howarth from the Oxford University School of Geography and Environment, Arnaud Brohé from CO2logic, Kate Hamilton from Ecosystem Marketplace and Ricardo Bayon from EKO Asset Management Partners will be analysing the current state of carbon markets, discussing possible future trends and fielding your questions on the issue."

The debate is happening tomorrow, August 19th, so don't waste any time signing up: http://www.earthscan.co.uk/Earthcasts/tabid/101760/Default.aspx

More reading, either to prep for the webcast, or just because:

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