Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relax - It's Digital!

I recently discovered digital magazines. I know, I know, they've been around a long time. But I've been one to ignore kindle, too. See, I think of reading as a reward for a day of work. I like to relax and read - hold a magazine or book in my hands, sit comfortably back on the couch or propped up on my pillows in bed. Often with a favorite beverage. If reading could be decadent...

But, as Tevya said in "Fiddler," there's always the other hand. My glossy paper magazines pile high in baskets all over my house waiting to be read. Sometimes I get around to it, but more often, well, it doesn't happen at all. And now that I can take my laptop to the couch or bedroom with me easily, I really have no excuse at all for wasting trees.

Here's my pick this month:

Scientific American. Their writers are not only very informative, they're often funny, easy reading, and never, ever "over my head." It cost me $4.95 (probably the same for a hard copy, but I'm saving the earth!) and is now safely downloaded into a new folder on my laptop called "DIGITAL MAGAZINES."

Here's the great content line-up this month:

Population and Sustainability: Can We Avoid Limiting the Number of People? Slowing the rise in human numbers is essential for the planet--but it doesn't require population control
By Robert Engelman

Cash for Clunkers: A Fair Trade for the Environment. Hey! Trade in your old, soot-spewing car for a newer one. Free. The latest scam? Not according to a former vice chair of the Federal Reserve
By Stephen D. Solomon

Bamboo Boom: Is This Material for You? It's not just for tiki torches anymore, but does this wood substitute really make for greener floors, clothing and other products?
By Michelle Nijhuis

The Arctic Thaw Could Make Global Warming Worse. The melting Arctic is releasing vast quantities of methane. How big is this greenhouse threat? What can be done?
By Sarah Simpson

Can Captured Carbon Save Coal-Fired Power? Extracting carbon dioxide from power plant exhaust and storing it underground may be the only hope to avoid a climate change catastrophe caused by burning fossil fuels
By David Biello

How Local Solutions Can Have Global Climate Impact. Scientists and policymakers should focus more on how local communities can adapt to climate change
By Anna Barnett

The Persistent Prophet--Lester Brown's New-Found Optimism, Lester Brown, at times ridiculed, has been warning the world for 40 years about coalescing energy, food and population crises. So why is he optimistic now?
By Barbara Crossette

Top 25 Green Energy Leaders. Forward-thinking companies, universities and municipalities are finding creative ways to run on renewable power
By Katherine Harmon

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