Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Are Re-What?

We are regenerative beings. Our bodies regenerate. We all know that. We become aware of that early. Say we lose a fingernail, our body grows it back. Or, take human skin. We learn in school that our skin has "cell cycles," replacing our skin something like 200 times before we are 20, repairing skinned knees, split lips, the scratch your sister put down your arm.

We are regenerative beings. I am not going to give you a science lecture on how that happens. You can google it if you're interested. But I am going to say the obvious:

Regeneration requires new materials to replace the old, the decaying, the worn. We provide our bodies with the raw materials to rebuild themselves. What is it that we use as the building blocks of regeneration? FOOD. We are what we eat.

We are what we eat.

It baffles me how so many people can overlook this simple fact. Your body requires you to provide it with the stuff it needs for regeneration. Just as, if you were constructing a building or any other object, the quality of the finished product is related to the quality of the raw materials.
Food is your raw material. You are what you eat.

Watch the clip below. It's just a movie trailor. Then see the film when it's available.

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  1. If you consider the longer now, eating meat is a recent addition to the diet of human beings. I am slowly weening it from my diet now. I first started thinking about this about six months ago when I decided to pick up and read an occult book from around 1913. Those occultists believe that death comes from eating dead things...maybe they were right...