Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Green Printer Choice - Multifunction LEXMARK x7675 - $119!

I'm a gypsy right now - living back and forth between Phoenix and Kansas City. Each city has its charms. In Kansas City I own a lovely, fully-outfitted home, while in Phoenix I am camping out in my friend Jean's airy, high wood-beamed ceiling'd, citrus tree'd, brick patio'd, trailing vine'd, picket-fenced, perfectly fen shui'd but totally empty home. No furniture. Not a stick. Because I'm an unemployed student, and because it seems silly to waste a dollar when I have an entire home's worth of furniture in KC, I have contented myself to bring in the following: One blow-up bed. One very old refrigerator. One el cheapo office chair for the kitchen desk. Two plates, two bowls, a few pieces of silverware. A pot. A pan. My laptop. Two dogs and some dog toys. That's it. And it seems to be enough. With one exception.

I need a printer.

I planned to draft my dissertation on my laptop, but it turns out that I cannot get my head around editing without having a hard copy and a real pencil in my hand. Like I cannot get my head around reading fiction on a Kindle.

There are a million printers out there, and online techie reviewers galore. So I will limit myself to telling you about the printer I selected and why. I am a Google-Queen. I decide on the features I want, and then read, read, read until I satisfy myself that I am getting the most (and greenest) printer for my money.

I chose the Lexmark x7675 Pro multifunctional inkjet printer (CNET review video below). Here's why (the green features are in green type):

1. Automatic two-sided printing saves paper, trees and money

2. Planned longevity and a transferable 5-year warranty if you sell the printer!

3. Economy print cycles - 32 pages/minute for black and 27 for color - save ink and electricity

4. "Closed loop" ink cartridge recycling program for EVERY returned cartridge

5. High yield print cartridges print twice the pages per cartridge (less raw materials, packaging, refills, and transportation costs)

6. Buy 5 cartridges, get 1 free AND return 5 cartridges, get 1 free

7. Wireless (I can work from any room in the house)

8. 4-in-1 includes handy fax, scan and copy functions will make Felicia at FINRA happy too.

9. Flat bed scanner allows me to scan directly from text books

10. Dirt cheap - all the bells and whistles were $119 at OfficeMax

By the way, the Lexmark X7675 Pro won CNET's coveted excellence rating! http://reviews.cnet.com/multifunction-devices/lexmark-x7675-pro/4505-3181_7-33264402.html.

As an aside, if you've been wondering whether to go laser or inkjet, here are some interesting comparisons. Inkjets traditionally use up to 90 percent less electricity than laser printers. On the other hand, the standard laser printer generally handles 3x more printing over its lifetime than the average inkjet (that's what makes the Lexmark's 5 year warranty so remarkable!).

I'm very excited about my new, green, $119 Lexmark printer! Did I say $119?

Check out Lexmark's corporate sustainability report here: http://www.lexmark.com/environment/EnvironmentalSustainabilityReport.pdf

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