Saturday, April 25, 2009

HP Innovates "Closed Loop" Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program

HP Innovates "Closed Loop" Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program This article (linked), dated Oct. 2008, seems to contradict information I offered yesterday about HP's recycling program. Hard to know what to believe. I read the article with some skepticism, including the very bottom line, which says, "Customers can be confident in HP’s environmental management because cartridges returned through Planet Partners are never refilled, resold or sent to a landfill." Do they mean that no "whole cartridges" are ever sent to a landfill, but some of the dismantled parts may be? Do they mean that all returned cartridges are processed through HP's Planet Partners program, or are only some cartridges processed through that specific program? HP has such a large market share. This is important. I'll keep watching.

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