Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Me to We

"Most people today live a dream world, controlled by false perceptions and beliefs. The most deeply held illusion is that all organisms on Earth, including each of us, exist as independent entities. At the most fundamental level, the change needed to overcome our misperceptions is a shift from focusing only on “me” – our personal needs and wants – to also prioritizing the broader “we”: the many ecological and social relationships each of us are part of, those that make life possible and worthwhile. Research shows that by using the techniques described in this book this shift is possible – and not that difficult to achieve."

A quote from the new book, From Me to We, by systems change expert Bob Doppelt.  I am planning to read this book, and invite you to read it with me.  To learn more, click here, and then choose the "Description" link below the picture of the book.

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