Monday, December 26, 2011

Dogs for America!

Simon, world's pickiest pup when it comes to treats, loves these made-in-America delights! 

It dawned on me, as I was reordering these Carlson Morgan dog treats, that I shouldn't keep this product a secret.  My dogs absolutely love these treats, above and beyond even the over-priced bully sticks.  And this 32 oz container lasts a really long time.  I buy bulk at about $10.50 per container.

Simon's the little guy on the bottom of the heap.  
Lucy's on top.
These treats are healthy - grain free, made without added sugar or salt, no preservatives.  But they also have something else going for them - they're made in America.  Better for the environment because the product travels shorter distances to reach you, it's also become a necessity following reports of contaminated imported food products.  I spend a lot of time turning treat bags over to see whether the product is from China.

The kids also love Pampered Pets Peanut Butter and Honey treats.  These are also made in America (in a Chicago bakery!), are oat based, contain no wheat or corn, and very healthy.  Although we pretty much stick with the Peanut Butter because I can get it at Costco for $35 for two five pound bags, Pampered Pets makes a variety of other flavors.  Beware, I've seen these repackaged into small, airtight containers, and sold for much more money.

Lucy is a peanut butter fiend!
And, for those of you, like me, who are forced by circumstance to follow your dog around with a (biocompostable) doggie bag, I've noticed that some treats are easier on my pups' systems than others. The "kids" have had  no problems with either Carlson Morgan's or Pampered Pets treats.

And since I mentioned it, let me also recommend Bio Buddy, fully compostable doggie bags.  Don't be fooled by so-called biodegradable bags that degrade into teeny, tiny microscopic pieces of plastic.  Bio-compostable bags are vegetable-based plastics that compost just like any other vegetable.  You can find Bio Buddy bags here:

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