Friday, July 31, 2009

Return to the Land: Urban Homesteading

My facebook friend Bory Chhor has been busy busy busy reading. He posted a fistful of articles on facebook before I was even awake this morning.

One is a great story about getting back to the land - right in the heart of urbania. The Denver couple in the photo, Everett Sizemore and Melissa Blakesee, rethunk their backyard, bringing a little bit of country - and some fresh eggs, herbs, veggies - even bees! - into their tiny space.

I'm not suggesting we should all do all of this - it takes him an hour an evening just to keep it all under control and seconds as recreational therapy for him. You might not have that much available time, or you may prefer to get your therapy the $150/hour way!

But if you're a gardner, like me, there may be something here for you.Chickens In Suburbia: One Couple's Foray Into Urban Homesteading Lighter Footstep

And, if it does inspire you, here's article no. 2 from Bory's morning scavenger hunt, on winter gardening. I mean, why wait to get started? By the time next summer rolls around, this blogpost will be long forgotten.
Article and first photo by Julie Kailus. Second article and photo by Jennifer Lance.


  1. If anyone is starting a business greenhouse, "The Winter harvest handbook" by Eliot Coleman is a great resource for year round veggie production.

  2. Thanks, Bory! I'll check it out.