Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lazy Music Sunday

Hey all. I'm kinda busy. I'm working on my dissertation analysis. Linda, aren't you proud of me?

This requires discipline. I must get down to business and stay down. I must especially stay away from facebook - my favorite internet playground - and even my little pet blog.

But one cannot simply abandon a pet blog. Pet blogs need feeding and attention. If you ignore them, they may become testy or sad, melancholy, lonesome... no, no, I'm confusing my pet blog with the application, PetPupz, on Facebook. Can you imagine creating a virtual pet that actually suffers if you don't pay attention to it? Ouch!

Anyway, to stave off any unintentional suffering, today's post brings you Lazy Music Sunday...where I'll be sharing some environmental tunes from YouTube.

My criteria: I actually had to LIKE the music. There may be a zillion songs about the environment on YouTube (actually I'm not sure how many IS a zillion, are you?)

I listed to about half of what I found, and rejected most. It was a painful chore, but the results are good. There are some pretty interesting characters out there, and you have to give every single YouTuber a hand for their creativity and bravery - to sing in front of a camera, usually with very poor sound equipment that does nothing to enhance their natural talent (or lack thereof). But in the end, I axed all but the ones I liked the best. If you have favorites, why not post a link for us in the comments?

Now, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Simply, a beautiful song.

Fun, funny take-off on the tune "Summer Days," from the movie "Grease."

Jill Sobule is a triple threat: talented, inspired and quite funny.

Turn down the sound a little for this. It's the visual story that makes this video, not the music. Although not objectionable, it gets repetitive after awhile. And wait all you want, Michael Jackson never sings. His job here is to beseech the sustainability gods to return the earth to a better state of being.

This song was originally on a children's record from the 1950s. It's apparent we haven't come that far... sigh.

This one has a broader message about all the ways we are destroying our world - not just the environment - but I like it!

Nearly a cult favorite, this next clip is the shortest version I could find of something called "The Recycle Song." If you'd like to see this sung by cartoon characters, six year olds, garage bands, comedians, spongebob and more, just go to YouTube and plug in "The Recycle Song." Although, if you're in the mood for a cult song, Numa Numa is my fave., and

Obama Girl sings "Save Your Energy"

Silly but fun to listen to:

Ok, I'm closing with a clip from a 1990 Catslay performance held in front of Exxon's New York headquarters.

Show is over. Thank you, thank you. You can all hold your lighters up, but there will be no encores. Photo courtesy of Hugo Chisholm and Flickr.

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