Friday, June 17, 2011


I always love it when my blog gets the attention of the businesses I write about.  Elizabeth McDermott of Imagery Estate and its sister winery Bezinger, wrote this to clarify my understanding about their growing practices:

"I just wanted to mention a small edit - At the very least our wines are grown at a high level of sustainability, next organic and then the highest form of organic is Biodynamic. In the near future we will be certified organic and certified Biodynamic for all our wines at both sites. Our Benziger and Imagery Estate wines are all certified biodynamic but many of the growers that we source grapes from are certified organic or transitioning from a high level of sustainability to organic or bio-d. I would venture to say that all our wines are grown at a high level of sustainability with many organic and biodynamic selections. It’s a process to move from sustainable to organic or biodynamic and Benziger supports and incentivizes the environmental improvements our growers implement."

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