Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy Guide to Climate Impact Calculations for Your Business

Once again, poking around for cool new materials for my fall Managing for Sustainability course, I landed on something share-worthy.

My computer says  "share-worthy" is not a known term. I think the meaning is pretty clear. How about you?

If you own or work for a business that hasn't undertaken to calculate its greenhouse gas emissions, I want to turn you on to two publications from DEFRA, the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK. They put so much cool stuff into public domain, and it's so much easier to find my way around their website than the EPA's.

I want to share two documents, one is the more complex "Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions," and a much shorter, "Small Business User Guide: Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions."

These documents are written in plain English, even if it's the King's English, and anyone new to the subject will find them a good introduction and a clearly laid out plan for getting the work done. 

What are you waiting for?

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