Friday, April 1, 2011

Fix it!

I just read a cool story by Ted Cox (AlterNet) about a new kind of product, one designed to be easily taken apart and put back together by the consumer. If it breaks, fix it. How novel is that?

Seriously, we knock off two problems with one idea.  Reduce our expenditures, which, given the nature of the economy and the propensity of our politicians to make sure that doesn't get any better for those of us making under $106,000 a year, this is going to become increasingly important.  Second, the less of a throw-away society we are, the better for the environment.

"RepairWare" is the brainchild of industrial designer Samuel Davies, and his first imagined product, pictured here, is a repairable iron.  I have to say, considering how many of us go to great lengths to avoid ironing - I put my clothes in the shower and they get steamed while I bathe - I'm not sure it's the best pick for the new product launch.  But I really like the concept.

While we wait for the big manufacturers to pick up this idea - might be a long time because it works against their profit factor - I suggest that the next time something busts, we take it down to Ace Hardware and see whether the nice old guy who works the hardware section can help us take it apart and figure out what's wrong.  

In fact, that's a great idea, if I do say so myself.  How about Ace Hardware instituting an appliance repair clinic.  We could retrain in self-reliance, create a market for parts, and employ some old guys as instructors!  Ok, or young ones.  Either way.  I like it.

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