Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Hike EcoCanyon!

Today I use my blogspace to welcome new blogger and excellent friend John Sirota Martinson to the wild world of blogging.  John, an accomplished businessman turned non-traditional student, launched EcoCanyon today.  What a great name!  His initial post, "How Green Is Your Lawn - via Teatown Thoughts,"  was stimulated by his reading of Paul Robbins and Julie Sharp's "Producing and consuming chemicals: The moral economy of the American Lawn.” 

The grouping "moral," "economy" and "lawn" together in one sentence is the sort of mind challenge John loves.

I've placed a permanent link to John's blog along the right side of mine!

Welcome, John!  Your thoughtful voice should have a wider audience, and I'm so glad you've chosen this path.

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