Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walk Around The Block Tonight

One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock walk!

My lovely landlady Jean Calhoun found something way cool online today, and I just have to share it: lets you plug in an address, say your work or home address, and it pops up all the eating establishments within a walkable radius of your house!  Check it out below... Just enter your own address into the search box at the bottom of the map. also gives you a "walk score."    Our walk score was only 42%.  It would have been even lower, but the application identified the house of our homeowners association president as an eating establishment.  I'm guessing the programmer has been there for a meeting.  What makes an HOA meeting less painful than food? 

Warning:  The program can be rude and insulting.  It called us "car-dependent."   Ok, I know it's true.  Still, I hated hearing it.  Is there a 12-step plan for car dependency?  The first step to ending an addiction is admitting it, right?


  1. My Denver location is rated at 62%, a tad below the city average.

    Positives: walking distance to groceries, restaurants and other services.

    Negative: Said grocery store is in need of upgrades, and does not carry many organic products.

  2. "The first step to ending an addiction is admitting it, right?"- absolutely right! Admittance and moving forward to its solution. Walking is an easy and cheap exercise.