Monday, July 5, 2010

J'Lein, You're Invited

Margarita Ice

Remember this?

This was so tasty, I got really cocky and decided to do a margarita sorbet.  I'm digging all these almost healthy iced treats.  Yums. 

Combine in a 32 ounce glass measuring cup:

4 tbps Tequila
1 tbsp Triple Sec
1 c. fresh squeezed lime juice

Fill to 28 ounces with either:
Fresh brewed Tazo Sweet Wild Orange Tea, or,
Fresh brewed Numi Desert Lime Tea.

Use three teabags and 2 cups of water.  Cool before adding.


The equivilent of 8 teaspoons of sugar substitute.  I used stevia.
Pinch of salt.  Hey - it's a margarita!

Chill overnight in the fridge, then make in your ice cream maker according to the directions!

Don't eat and drive!

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  1. Sandy, thanks for sharing this recipe on your blog. I can attest to the fact that it is delicious! I can also attest to the advice not to eat it and drive!