Friday, January 1, 2010

Organic, Grain-Free Pet Food @ Kick-Ass Prices!

With apologies to my mother for the profanity, I'm so excited!   (That's Jewish guilt for you.  I don't think my mom even reads my blog).  Whatever.  I just discovered a brand new website with an amazing selection of organic and grain-free pet foods, treats, supplements, etc., at

Lucy, below, has digestion issues, and Simon, upper right, has that unattractive reddish-brown eye discharge that's supposedly attributable to red yeast in his system.  So, she needs salmon-based chow, and he needs less grain and more pro-biotics than typical grocery store fare. launched toward the end of November.  You can read customer reviews on Yahoo here,

This is what they say about themselves: "We focus our attention on unique foods, supplements, & mixers for the discriminating pet owner who will only accept the very best. is determined to supply only natural, species specific, dog and cat products. Specializing in organic pet foods, oils & supplements."

And, if you get there soon enough, use DFC15 for a New Year promotion of 15 percent off your entire purchase.  If you know how much good dog food costs, you know 15 percent makes a big difference.  For me, it basically covered the shipping.

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